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Brave the wind and waves, Hangzhou water is the best

     Instead of the dreaded workplace poison pill, our team building
     like this
     like this
     The world's mission to build a uniform, interesting children of Hangzhou water one in a million, want to join the Hangzhou Water Day Group C debut? ! Foley's here! Login Hangzhou water meter official website ( ) to the recruitment information column or BOSS Zhipin, 51JOB search Hangzhou Water Meter Co. , Ltd. !
     ERM ~ SO ~ okay, exclusive video of the Prince of Twerk, Xi ~ xi ~ 


SERVICE HOTLINE:400-108-1616

Sales Service Center:Qingjiang Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou

R & D Production Base:No .22,15th Street, Qiantang New District, Hangzhou


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