Intelligent Water Integrated Management Platform

App meter reading system

App meter reading system

The mechanical and electrical conversion module adopts plug-in design, which can convert the mechanical signal of water meter into digital signal, support the centralized collection of remote water meter, the monitoring and analysis of large and small meter data, and the collection of common water meter, and can be seamlessly connected with the business charging system of water company.


System application 
Management and implementation of one meter for one household / remote water meter reading mode / common water meter reading. 

system function

·Intelligent meter reading
·Automatic upload of meter reading data
·GPS positioning and navigation
·Data graph analysis
·Automatic alarm reminder 

System features

·Download the database wirelessly before meter reading, and upload it to the server automatically after reading.
·GPRS network transmission, no need to import data back and forth, improve the efficiency of meter reading.
·Good human-computer interaction function, reduce professional requirements, easier to use.
·At the same time, it is suitable for remote water meter reading and common water meter reading.
·Seamless docking of the water division business system to achieve paperless meter reading and charging.
·The real-time location meter reader can take pictures of the water meter failure and other conditions for storage.
·Double insurance for manual entry and photo taking, to eliminate the phenomenon of false copy and estimation.


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