Cable Remote Water Meters

Magnetic sensorless wired remote water  meter (DN15-40)

Magnetic sensorless wired remote water meter (DN15-40)

Coded direct reading remote water meter lxsge-bmyc (dn15-40) As the photoelectric direct reading remote water meter independently developed and produced by our company, it is the only one with invention patent in the domestic similar products, and has obtained the key support of "innovation fund" of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China. After more than ten years of improvement and upgrading, the product is stable and reliable, which is well received by users.


Product application

It is applicable to the outdoor installation of one meter per household transformation, and the total score table is better than the use of equivalent occasions. 

Product features
·Adopting non-magnetic sensing technology, it is free from magnetic field interference, and the data is more accurate.
·The remote data is accurate to the thousandth, and the positive and negative flow can be output, which is suitable for water analysis.
·The waterproof grade really reaches IP68, which can be installed in underwater, buried well and other special occasions.
·It can be equipped with lorawan or Nb lot Internet of things wireless module, without conduit wiring, and the signal can pass through water and well cover.
·It can detect the direction of water flow and prevent the water meter from being inverted. 
·It has the function of state alarm such as disconnection to prevent man-made damage.
·Split structure, lower maintenance and weekly inspection cost.
·The life of lithium battery is up to 15 years, and the battery status is monitored in real time.

technical parameter
model Nominal diameter
Quantization ratio
Minimum flow
The most distant
Maximum reading of dial
LXSY-15WC 15 160 3.125 2.5 25 15.625 0.0001 0.001 99999
LXSY-20WC 20 160 5 4 40 25 0.0001 0.001 99999
LXSY-25WC 25 160 7.875 6.3 63 39.375 0.0001 0.001 99999
12.5 10 100 62.5
LXSY-40WC 40 160 25.6 16 160 100 0.0001 0.001 99999
1.Measurement level: Level 2
2.Temperature class: T30 (cold water meter)
3.Structure: split
4.Protection grade: IP68
5.Electromechanical conversion error: ± 0.1L
6.Communication mode: lorawan, Nb IOT, M-BUS cable
7.Power supply voltage: M- BUS:20-35VDC
8.Communication baud rate: 2400 (customizable)
9.Working pressure: ≤ 1.0MPa
10.Installation mode: horizontal installation

Installation dimension
caliber(DN) mm length(L) mm height(H)   mm width(B)  mm Connectingthread(D)
15 165 150 96 G3/4B
20 195 150 96 G1B
25 260 165 103 G11/4B
40 300 184 134


Equipment application

Lorawan Internet of things networking, GPRS wireless remote transmission networking, wired networking.

Equipment features

·With more than 300 meters, it is suitable for most occasions and has low installation cost.
·It has the function of supplementary reading, which can automatically supplement reading or manually read through the platform without missing data.
·Automatic storage of no less than 1 month's meter reading data records for easy access.
·Automatic detection of line fault and timely alarm notification.
·It can be used for on-site meter reading and push protection, or for remote control of concentrator meter reading, so as to find faults in time.
·Automatically copy data and report to the server every day,

technical parameter

·Static power: 2W
·Dynamic power: 15W
·Static rated current: 10mA
·Dynamic rated current: 70ma
·Rated voltage: 220VAC
Maximum number of meters: 300

Portable meter reader

Equipment features

·Bluetooth interface, compatible with palmtop and smartphone.
·The battery is full and can read 6000 water meters, and the battery can be replaced. The number of meter reading is amazing.
·The interface is clear, the operation is convenient and the status indicator lights are abundant.
·Small size, light weight, easy to carry.

technical parameter

Working temperature - 20 ℃ - 50 ℃
Battery capacity 2000mA * 3
6000 meters reading
Supporting components: rechargeable battery, charger, Bluetooth module, micro printer.


Other supporting equipment
Product name Product appearance Product model application Power supply Installation form Maximum number of band meters
Junction box   JXH Bus plug connection nothing Wall hanging With 16
Simple copy box   JCH Simple form nothing Wall hanging / embedding With 100


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