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Aichi SU electromagnetic water meter (DN40-300)

Aichi SU electromagnetic water meter (DN40-300)

Su series electromagnetic water meter is a built-in battery driven electromagnetic water meter. It is developed and produced by Aichi company of Japan with the world's first low-power electromagnetic metering technology. Over 40 years, it has been a global application of more than one million sets, and it is one of the most famous electromagnetic water meter brands in the world. It has the characteristics of low initiating flow, high measuring accuracy, wide range and long service life. In 2003, it entered the Chinese market, and has been widely used by large domestic water enterprises such as Dalian, Shanghai, Nanjing, Tianjin, etc. for more than 15 years, it has almost no failure, and has gained excellent reputation.


Product application 

It is suitable for long-term measurement of large water volume and precise measurement of small water volume, especially for the trade of water companies. The settlement summary table and DMA zone measurement and assessment shall be used.

Product features

Ultra high precision
·The unique power supply control patent technology is adopted to improve the excitation frequency, once every 0.3 seconds, and the measurement interval is more than 50 times that of other similar products, so as to ensure the best repeatability and consistency under each flow during long-term operation.
·Before the product leaves the factory, the unique Photoelectric & 8-bit message output mode is used for calibration, and the calibration time of each meter is more than 8 hours. All flow parameters are automatically adjusted by software, and the repeatability and consistency of electromagnetic water meter are strictly verified, so as to ensure the absolute stability and reliability of its performance.
·The instantaneous flow value of the water meter can be obtained by 1.8s high frequency of RS485 communication (the average value of other similar products is 5-15min). It is really used in the situation of minimum flow analysis at night, providing accurate data support for DMA zone measurement.
Ultra low power consumption
·By adopting the world's first "residual excitation mode", a very low power consumption technology, it has realized the reduction to less than 1 / 10000 of the traditional power consumption technology, thus ensuring the continuous measurement of the built-in lithium battery for more than 10 years (the domestic water meter actually used for more than 15 years has not yet been replaced).
·It adopts the unique non sleep mode, large LCD constant display, on-site reading without any way to activate and wake up.
·The flow metering and communication output are respectively powered by independent battery pack, and the battery life can reach more than 10 years (under RS485 output mode)
long life
·Without any rotating parts, the lifetime measurement accuracy is unchanged, and the measurement error is eliminated. Low noise amplification signal is used to optimize the magnetic flux, which will not delay the velocity signal caused by the deposit, and effectively solve the measurement error caused by electrode junction.
·The battery life is more than 10 years, and the warranty of the whole machine is 8 years (from the date of factory delivery).
·A strong epoxy powder coating (Teflon rubber is used for most similar products) is attached to the measuring pipe wall, which can better ensure that the flow field will not be impacted by impurities in the water and lead to deformation, and ensure the long-term accuracy of measurement.
·The case is made of 316 food grade stainless steel and the body is of high sealing structure (IP68), which can prevent electronic components from being exposed to humid environment and ensure long-term and stable accurate measurement performance.

Super adaptability

·It has a strong ability of anti-environment interference and shielding against external electromagnetic field, vibration and other interference.
·The installation mode is free, and it can be installed horizontally, vertically and obliquely.
·There is almost no straight pipe section requirement, and u0d0 has passed OIML R49 certification.
·The bubble and sediment in the pipeline have little effect on the measurement accuracy, so it is suitable for the installation of secondary water supply.
·316 food grade stainless steel measuring pipe, 316 stainless steel electrode, epoxy resin powder coating, liquid material safety and health, strong corrosion resistance, passed international FM, NSF, JL and other certification.

Type evaluation parameters
project SU40 SU50 SU80 SU100 SU150 SU200 SU250 SU300
Flange mounted type Measurement range R250 R400 R400 R400 R250 R250 R250 R250
Q4(m3/h) 31.25 50 125 200 500 787.5 1250 1250
Q3(m3/h) 25 40 100 160 400 630 1000 1000
Q2(m3/h) 0.16 0.16 0.4  0.64 2.56 4 6.4 6.4
Q1(m3/h) 0.1 0.1 0.25 0.4 1.6 2.52 4 4
*Dn40 is threaded shell

Actual performance parameters
project SU40 SU50 SU80 SU100 SU150 SU200 SU250 SU300
Flange mounted type Measurement range R250 R800 R630 R630 R400 R400 R400 R400
Q4(m3/h) 31.25 60 125 200 500 797.5 1250 1250
Q3(m3/h) 25 40 100 160 400 630 1000 1000
Q2(m3/h) 0.16 0.08 0.254 0.406 1.6 2.52 4 4
Q1(m3/h) 0.1 0.05 0.159 0.254 1 1.575 2.5 2.5

Installation dimension
model SU40 SU50 SU80 SU100 SU150 SU200 SU250 SU300
L 245 200 200 250 300 350 450 500
∅D 101 165 200 220 285 340 395 445
about H 208 238.5 340 355 415.5 438 492.5 517.5
Weight about(kg) 2.6 8.4 10.4 13.7 24.6 32.7 47 68

Product diagram


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